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Science in Society Journalism Awards

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The National Association of Science Writers  is the largest organization devoted to the professional interests of science writers, the National Association of Science Writers fosters "the dissemination of accurate information regarding science through all media normally devoted to informing the public." Its 2,555 members include science writers and editors, and science-writing educators and students.

The NASW Awards Committee administers the annual Science in Society Journalism Awards competition. The Science in Society awards, which are presented at the NASW annual meeting, recognize investigative or interpretive reporting about science and its impact on modern society. The awards especially target the kind of critical, probing work that would not receive an award from a special-interest group. If you would like to serve as a judge, please contact the chairs.

Alla Katsnelson

For more information or questions, please contact

Tinsley Davis, Executive Director

National Association of Science Writers

PO Box 7905

Berkeley, CA 94707